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How much does IMSI Cost in Delhi?

Delhi is the hub of healthcare service, fertility healthcare services is also one of the most common healthcare services in Delhi. Individual are opting intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection treatment as it enhances the chances of success of growth of embryo and pregnancy compared to other fertility treatments but some of them are unaware about the cost of IMSI and one important question stuck in their mind- what is the Cost of IMSI in Delhi? Join us on a beautiful journey to uncover the cost and meaning of IMSI treatment.

Introduction to IMSI

IMSI stands for intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection. It is medical procedure used in fertility treatment. IMSI is specialized assisted reproductive technology. IMSI is the advanced form of IVF in which healthiest and most morphologically normal sperm is selected to fertilize the egg. Male infertility issues are solved by IMSI. IMSI is used when IVF cycles have not been successful. During IMSI best sperm is selected for fertilization, improving the chances of successful embryo growth and pregnancy.

How does IMSI work?

IMSI performed using microscope. Microscope magnifies the sperm up to 6000 times. This technique helps embryologist to detect minor structural alteration in sperm. IMSI enhances the fertilization of egg.

Mentioned below are the steps involved in the procedure of IMSI.

  • Selection of sperm from the fresh sample collected.
  • Under a microscope, selection is performed and using the microscope, the internal morphology of the sperm is examined.
  • After examining through microscope, doctors exclude the abnormal sperms.
  • After removal of abnormal sperms, doctors select the normal sperms.
  • Normal sperms are placed in the catheter and then the normal sperms arte placed in the center of the egg.
IMSI Cost in Delhi

What is the success rate of IMSI in Delhi?

The success rate of IMSI treatment in Delhi, can based on several factors, including performance of fertility experts, clinics success rate and most important patient’s medical conditions. Woman’s age, overall health, cause of infertility and the quality of embryos are some factors that influenced the success rate of IMSI. In Delhi, most of the clinics provide their success rate data. Mentioned below is the table of success rate of IMSI treatment in Delhi.

Treatment Success rate Cost (min-max)
IMSIGood1.5 to 2 lakh
IMSIBetter2 to 2.5 lakh
IMSIHigherUp to 2.5 lakh

IMSI Cost in Delhi

IMSI Cost in Delhi is based on several factors, involving fertility clinic fees, additional and specific services, or drugs and medications. Basically IMSI is a more advanced and expensive form of IVF. It’s because of involvement of advanced sperm selection process. In Delhi, the cost of IMSI can range from 1.5 to 2.5 lakh or may be more. This range of cost typically covers every aspects of the fertility treatment, such as consultations, tests, hormonal medications, ultrasounds, IMSI process and embryo implantation. Moreover, costs can vary on different clinics and may depend on patient’s unique needs.

What are the reasons for opting IMSI?

IMSI treatment is for both man and woman. IMSI treatment is recommended for man and woman. When man and woman are struggling with mentioned below these things:

For man:

  • Low count of sperm
  • Abnormal sperm shaped (high percentage)
  • Previous IVF cycle failed
  • Sperm recovered from surgeries.

For woman:

  • Previous IVF cycle failed
  • Few embryos are used in blastocyte stage
  • Repeated Miscarriage and abortion

Why considered Baby Grow Fertility Centre for the fertility treatment?

Experience the best fertility treatment with Baby Grow Fertility Centre. This fertility Centre is equipped with advanced technology. Baby Grow Fertility Centre provides the high quality healthcare services to their patients. They offer emotional and financial support to their patients. IMSI, ICSI, IUI, IVF, PGD, and surrogacy are the fertility treatments provided by the Baby Grow Fertility Centre. We share success stories or testimonials with the clients to showcase the positive outcomes. Baby Grow Fertility Centre comes with the experience of more than 10 years.

IMSI Cost in Delhi


To conclude, IMSI is one of the great medical treatments for couples struggling with infertility issues. Patients that are interested in IMSI treatment should contact and consult with fertility specialist to get the actual cost of IMSI treatment. Discuss available financial options or insurance coverage. When making your decision of selection of fertility clinics, it’s important to consider the reputation and success rate of the clinic. The Cost of IMSI in Delhi is starts from INR 1.5 lakh to 2.5 lakh or more. However, it’s just an estimate not an accurate cost.


What is IMSI?

IMSI is the advanced fertility treatment technique, involving the selection of healthiest sperm for the fertilization of the egg. IMSI objective is to enhances the chances of successful pregnancy.

What is the cost of IMSI treatment in Delhi?

The cost of IMSI treatment in Delhi is 1.5 to 2.5 lakh. It’s important to remember it is the general estimation. It’s not accurate price.

What are the advantages of IMSI?

The advantages of IMSI treatments are improved sperm selection, enhanced pregnancy rates, personalized treatment, enhanced embryo development and reduced the risk of birth defects.

Where can I get IMSI treatment in Delhi?

You can get the IMSI treatment from Baby Grow Fertility Centre in Delhi. it is one leading fertility Centre in Delhi who offers various fertility services such as IMSI, ICSI, IUI, PGD, IVF and surrogacy etc.

Where to use IMSI?

IMSI is used when couple has a history of miscarriage, males with abnormal production of sperms, male with age of 35 and above, and unsuccessful cycles.

Is IMSI safe?

Yes, IMSI is safe and most effective infertility treatment for the infertile couples.

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