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How Much Does TESA Cost in Delhi 2023?

In the hub of healthcare services, the dream of parenthood is also one of the common healthcare services in Delhi. People are opting for TESA treatment as it is affordable as compared to other fertility treatments but some of them are unaware of the cost of TESA and one question stuck in their mind- what is the TESA Cost in Delhi? Join us on a journey to uncover the cost and process of TESA treatment.

What is TESA in the context of IVF?

TESA stands for Testicular sperm aspiration. TESA is a medical process used to extract sperm directly from the testicles of a man. This method is used when there is difficulty in collecting sperm from ejaculation and when a man has azoospermia or other medical condition that prevents the release of sperm through ejaculation. TESA is also known as epididymal sperm extraction.

Process of TESA in Delhi

The TESA treatment starts with consultation. The patient’s medical history and cause of infertility are determined during the consultation. During the procedure of TESA, anesthesia is provided to ensure a pain-free process for the patients. A small needle is used to extract sperm from the testicles. A fine needle is inserted into the testicles and the sperm is extracted directly. This sperm can be used in ARTs (assisted reproductive techniques) such as IVF.

TESA Cost in Delhi

What are the reasons for using TESA treatment?

A person with a low count of sperm due to testicular problems, blockage in the genital tract caused by a previous infection, and a history of vasectomy are some reasons for using TESA treatment.

What is the success rate of TESA in Delhi?

The success rate of TESA can depend on individual factors, involving the cause of male infertility. The success rate of TESA ranges from 30 to 60% or even higher. Mentioned below is the table of TESA’s success rate with cost:

Treatment Success rate Cost (min-max)
TESAGood25000 to 30000
TESABetter30000 to 35000
TESAHigherUp to 35000

What are the advantages of TESA?

TESA helps men with fertility challenges to become fathers. It is performed to retrieve sperm from the testicles. TESA offers hope to men with ejaculating issues. TESA plays an important role in assisted reproductive techniques, making fatherhood achievable for many males struggling with infertility.

TESA Cost in Delhi

TESA cost in Delhi is based on several factors. It depends on clinic to clinic if you get TESA treatment from the best fertility Centre in Delhi then it’ll cost you around 35k. The factors that determine the cost of TESA in Delhi are the infrastructure of the fertility centre, additional services, surgical events costs, medications, and the cost of treatment. TESA is a part of IVF treatment so its costs are combined with IVF.  Mentioned below is the table of IVF with TESA treatment cost.

IVF treatment Cost in Indian rupees
Normal IVF treatment2 to 5 lakh
IVF with percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration, testicular sperm aspiration and testicular sperm extraction2.4 to 5 lakh

Why choose Baby Grow Fertility Centre for fertility services?

If you are looking for the best infertility treatment in Delhi, Baby Grow Fertility Centre stands out as one of the best choices. Baby Grow Fertility Centre offers TESA treatment, IUI, ICSI, IVF, and surrogacy treatment packages at low-cost TESA in Delhi. Baby Grow Fertility Centre makes sure to offer the lowest and most affordable TESA treatment packages with the highest success rate. There are various fertility treatments and all the fertility treatments are provided under one roof- Baby Grow Fertility Treatment. Baby Grow Fertility Centre makes sure to give legal support in any kind of fertility treatment. We, Baby Grow Fertility Centre committed to offering you the happiness of having a newborn baby. Baby Grow Fertility Centre’s experienced and skillful expertise will give the beautiful and successful venture of surrogacy treatment. Baby Grow Fertility Center comes with professional expertise, advanced technology, and enthusiastic staff. Baby Grow Fertility Centre is available 24*7 and conveniently located. We’re proud of giving fertility services for more than 10 years. Today contact us and select us to make your wish of having a child come true.

TESA Cost in Delhi

Conclusion – Tesa Cost in Delhi

To conclude, TESA is one of the affordable medical treatments for couples struggling with infertility issues. The treatment is used for couples facing male infertility issues. Baby Grow Fertility is dedicated to offering comprehensive fertility services involving TESA treatment. Choose the TESA treatment to fulfill the dreams of becoming parents. Explore the affordable TESA treatment in Delhi at affordable prices. The Cost of TESA in Delhi is just INR 35ooo. However, it’s just an estimate not an actual price so to know the actual price contact and consult the fertility specialist.

FAQs About Tesa Cost in Delhi

What is TESA? What is the cost of TESA treatment in Delhi?

TESA is a medical process used to solve the issue of infertility of men. The cost of TESA treatment in Delhi is up to 35k.

Where can I get TESA treatment in India?

Baby Grow Fertility Centre, Apollo Fertility, Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre, Right Choice Fertility Centre and Omya Fertility Centre are some TESA treatment provider centres in India.

Is TESA a painful treatment?

TESA is painless when performed under anesthesia.

How long is the TESA procedure?

The process TESA is completed in 20 to 30 minutes. The recovery of TESA is shorter and it is less painful.

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