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How much does IUI cost in Delhi 2023 ?

Are you considering about taking IUI treatment in Delhi but don’t know about the cost of the treatment. To solve this problem we’ve come up with the article where you find the Cost of IUI in Delhi. In this article we’ll provide the detail information about the IUI treatment like the process, success rate, and pre-test for IUI etc.

What is IUI?

IUI stands for intrauterine insemination is a medical process used to help infertile couples. It is used to treat infertility. IUI increases the success of pregnancy. IUI involves transferring specially prepared sperm directly into uterus of the woman. Directly injected cut down the time and distance sperm has to travel and all this makes the fertilization of egg easy.

IUI cost in Delhi

Why IUI is advised?

This treatment is advised to single woman. This procedure might be advised to couples having explained medical issues. Moreover, the treatment is also recommended to single woman with minimal or absence of endometriosis.

Is IUI successful treatment in Delhi?

The success rate of IUI depends on various factors including age of the woman, the drugs used to treat infertility and the types of infertility issue. By performing cycle every month, the couple can increases the chances of conceiving pregnancy. In comparison with IVF and ICSI, IUI is less expensive so the success rate of IUI is also less than IVF and ICSI.

IUI cost in Delhi

To determine the Cost of IUI in Delhi, you need to consider the complexity of the case of infertile couples. On an average the IUI Cost in Delhi can ranges from 15k to 30k. The actual cost of IUI depends on many factors such as number of cycle used for having a baby, the age of the female, medical history of the woman and type of infertility issues. The IUI Cost in Delhi is also cost effective and budget-friendly as compared to IVF or other infertility treatments. Furthermore IUI is safe and effective fertility treatment for infertile couples. If you want to find out the actual and real price of IUI treatment then consult the nearest fertility clinic. Fertility clinic specialist describes the cost of IUI treatment and the process in step by step. In Delhi, the cost of IUI is affordable as compared to other places in India.

Mentioned below is the table of IUI process and cost:

IUI treatment process Cost in INR
Medicine and drugs7 to 8k
IUI process6k
Total cost15k

Mentioned below is the table of IUI cost with success rate of the given treatment:

Treatment Success rate Cost (min-max)
IUIGood10 to 15k
IUIBetter15 to 25k
IUIHigher25 to 35k

What are the factors affecting the IUI cost in Delhi?

The factors influencing the IUI Cost in Delhi can vary based on several factors:

Fertility clinic and location: there are numerous fertility clinics in Delhi and all the fertility clinics have different IUI treatment charges. Some popular and high-end clinics may have higher prices.

Medication: In order to stimulate the ovulation, the cost of IUI treatment may increase up to 6.5k.

Number of cycles: number of cycle also give impact to the cost of IUI. Some individuals require multiple cycle for the success of IUI treatment.

Age of woman: the cost of IUI for younger age of woman is low and the cost for higher ages of woman is high. Moreover, the success rate of IUI treatment is also depends on age factor of woman.

Post IUI care: Post IUI care is also comes in factors that influence the cost of IUI as it includes post IUI monitoring and follow up appointments.

Doctor’s experience: the experience and popularity of the fertility doctor’s also influence the cost of IUI treatment.

Additional services: some fertility clinics offers additional services and facilities such as sperm washing and counseling for the couples may rise up the cost of IUI treatment in Delhi.

What is process of IUI?

IUI treatment has a simple process and it takes just 30 minutes to complete entire process. IUI is performed using artificial insemination. It’s because it allows fertility specialist to control the how much amount of sperm is transferred into the uterus of the woman and when sperm is placed into the uterus. The following steps are included in the IUI treatment process:

  • Fertility medications are taken to stimulate the ovaries.
  • With the help of commercial ovulation predictor urine kit, the monitoring of ovulation is done. The kit is used to detect the release of increased amount of LH (luteinizing hormone).
  • The doctors used transvaginal ultrasound to confirm or check the ovulation development.
  • Most of the IUI treatments are done in a day.
  • The semen is developed or prepared in the laboratory.
  • A thin catheter is inserted into the uterus through the cervix and the sperm cells are directly inserted through flexible catheter into the uterus.
  • The catheter is removed and after 2 weeks of IUI the pregnancy test is done.

Pre testing for IUI

Before starting the IUI treatment there are some tests that your fertility doctor conducts. Before IUI treatment your fertility specialist will advised blood test and ultrasound in order to track the growth of eggs. There are few steps that involved in the pre testing for IUI.

  • First step is to stimulate the growth and development of the egg cells.
  • Second step is to give triggered injection when the egg is matured for the release of the eggs at a fertility Centre by a nurse. After the process of triggered injection the IUI treatment is ready to begin.
  • Third step is to test pregnancy.
IUI cost in Delhi

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To conclude, the article is all about IUI Cost in Delhi. IUI is a way to achieve the dream of expanding family. IUI is well-known infertility treatment for couples struggling with infertility problems. The infertility issues like unexplained infertility, ovarian dysfunction and male infertility issue. In comparison with IVF and other infertility treatment IUI is less expensive. IUI has also higher success rate. In addition, IUI is effective and safe infertility treatment that can help you conceive a pregnancy. After 9 months you can bring the new born baby at your home.


What is the success rate of IUI treatment in Delhi?

IUI treatment is a safe and effective infertility treatment in Delhi with high rate of success rate. In Delhi, the success rate of IUI treatment ranges from 15 to 20% per cycle.

Is there any risk associated with IUI in Delhi?

No, there is no serious or harmful risk associated with IUI treatment in Delhi. There is some minor or small number of risks which is due to the catheter.

How much does IUI cost in Delhi?

The cost of IUI in Delhi is 15 to 30k.

How many cycles can be done before moving to IVF?

3 to 6 cycles can be done before moving to IVF treatment.

Is there any side effect associated with IUI treatment?

There are no serious side effects but some minor side effects such as bloating and cramps are visible.

Is IUI safe?

Yes, IUI is safe and most effective infertility treatment for the infertile couples.

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