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Surrogacy Cost in Pune

Decoding Surrogacy Cost in Pune: Insights, Budgeting, and Affordability

The Surrogacy Cost In Pune can vary significantly, influenced by various factors such as the type of surrogacy opted for, the choice of clinic, and the geographical location. In Pune, like elsewhere, two primary forms of surrogacy exist traditional and gestational surrogacy. traditional surrogacy includes the proxy utilizing her eggs, combined with manual semen injection, though gestational surrogacy uses the planned mother’s or a giver’s eggs, treated with the expected dad’s or alternately donor sperm. The last option, gestational surrogacy, is more pervasive because of its higher security profile, as it issues with any hereditary connection between the surrogate and the child.

Baby Grow Fertility, a renowned IVF center in Pune, offers comprehensive surrogacy services. The cost of surrogacy at Shine Fertility typically starts at around INR 13 lakhs, with the potential to exceed INR 22 lakhs, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the intended parents. This complete cost envelops different costs, including operations, legitimate discussions, substitute pay, and subordinate costs related to the surrogacy experience. It’s essential to take note that should the expected guardians choose the utilization of giver eggs or sperm, the surrogacy cost in Pune would constantly increase.

What is Surrogacy?

The journey of welcoming a new life into the world produces profound emotions. While some couples conceive effortlessly, others face challenges in conceiving naturally. For those unable to conceive, alternative paths to parenthood become their beacon of hope. Today, a myriad of options exists for individuals longing to start or expand their families. Among these contemporary methods lies surrogacy, a remarkable avenue of assisted reproduction where a surrogate mother altruistically carries and nurtures a child on behalf of the intended parents or a single individual. Surrogacy serves as a vital lifeline for couples or individuals unable to conceive but yearning to experience the joys of parenthood.

What are the types of Surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy:

A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a pregnancy for a couple or an individual using an egg or ovum that is not her own. The egg might be brought from the expected mother or a contributor, while the sperm is gathered from the planned dad or a giver. This type of surrogacy requires the utilization of In Vitro Treatment (IVF). In this way, undeveloped organism implantation happens inside the substitute mother’s belly.

Traditional surrogacy:

● In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is selected.
● A legal contract is established.
● Through the Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) procedure, the doctor introduces the pre-selected sperm from the father into the surrogate mother’s uterus.

How is the surrogacy process done?

Let us streamline this intricate process for you, providing clarity every step of the way. The journey begins with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where an embryo is formed using donor eggs and sperm. This embryo is then delicately transferred into the uterus of the surrogate, who will carry the pregnancy to term and deliver the baby.

Before delving into the medical procedures, certain preliminary steps must be addressed. Firstly, selecting a reputable fertility clinic in pune is crucial to kickstart the medical procedures. Additionally, both the intended parents and the surrogate must undergo thorough legal procedures. When all gatherings are in consent to continue, they formalize their responsibility by drafting a far-reaching lawful agreement. Legal delegates on the two sides team up to place and complete the conditions of the understanding, guaranteeing the interests of all gatherings included are defended. Following common acknowledgment and Legal endorsement, the agreement is marked, denoting the start of the surrogacy method

Factors affecting the total cost of surrogacy in Pune

Several factors can affect the total Surrogacy cost in Pune. Here are some of the main factors to consider:

● Type of surrogacy: The cost of surrogacy can vary deputation on whether the expected guardians choose customary or gestational surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is generally more costly since it includes the utilization of IVF and extra operations.

● Clinic and location: The Surrogacy cost can likewise change depending on the facility picked and the area. A few facilities might charge more for their administrations than others, and the cost for many everyday items in various urban communities can likewise influence the general cost of surrogacy.

● Medical expenses: The cost of operations, for example, IVF, undeveloped organism move, and pre-birth care, can likewise affect the complete cost of surrogacy. The cost of prescription and fertility medications can likewise add up.

● Surrogate compensation: The surrogate mother will be made up for her time, effort, and costs during the surrogacy interaction. The payment can change depending upon the substitute’s insight, area, and the kind of surrogacy.

● Legal fees: Legal expenses can likewise accumulate since there are legitimate agreements and arrangements associated with surrogacy. The planned guardians should enlist a legal counsel to draft the essential agreements and arrangements.

● Travel and accommodation expenses: If the intended parents are from another city or country, they may need to factor in travel and accommodation expenses when considering the total cost of surrogacy.

● Miscellaneous expenses: There may be other expenses associated with the surrogacy process, such as insurance, psychological evaluations, and administrative fees.

Surrogacy Cost in Pune

Comprehending the Average Surrogacy Cost in Pune holds paramount importance for individuals contemplating this path toward expanding their families. Typically, the surrogacy expenses in Pune span from 8,00,000 to 12,00,000 INR, encompassing various aspects such as medical procedures, legal fees, surrogate compensation, and administrative expenses. At our facility, we prioritize transparency and affordability, ensuring our patients gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial commitments involved. Supported by seasoned fertility specialists and a dedicated support team, we offer holistic care throughout the surrogacy journey. Our overarching goal is to streamline the process, making it accessible and seamless, thereby empowering individuals to realize their aspirations of parenthood.”

Why choose Baby Grow Fertility?

Baby Grow Fertility is dedicated to realizing the dreams of couples facing infertility challenges. We are committed to assisting couples in achieving their goal of conceiving a biological child. Our center offers high-quality fertility treatments custom-made to meet the particular requirements of each expected couple, changing their yearnings into the real world. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and sympathetic consideration, we attempt to satisfy the fantasy of life as a parent for each individual or couple who strolls through our entryways.

With a team of highly educated and experienced medical professionals, our fertility center boasts an impressive success rate ranging from 70 to 90%. Our fertility experts assume a significant part in keeping up with this high achievement rate by giving customized care and mastery all through the treatment cycle. We are devoted to conveying premium-quality treatment to people battling with infertility, it is all around as smooth and effective as conceivable to guarantee their excursion towards life as a parent.


In conclusion, embarking on the journey of surrogacy represents a profoundly significant and daunting decision for couples struggling with infertility. The surrogacy process includes a few steps, including consultations, screenings, coordinating, legal systems, pregnancy, and checking. These diverse methods add to the general costs related to surrogacy.

In Pune, surrogacy is legally permissible for both married and unmarried couples. The cost of surrogacy in Pune is within reach for many infertile couples, ensuring accessibility to this reproductive option. However, for those facing financial constraints, numerous fertility centers extend financial aid to assist couples in overcoming infertility challenges. Among them, Baby Grow Fertility stands out, offering financial support programs tailored to the needs of infertile couples, including installment options.


Q1. How much does surrogacy cost in Pune?

The cost of surrogacy in Pune can vary depending on several factors, such as the fertility clinic, the type of surrogacy, and the surrogate’s compensation. On average, the cost of surrogacy in Pune can range from INR 8 lakhs to INR 12 lakhs or more.

Q2. What does the surrogacy cost include?

The surrogacy cost typically includes medical expenses for the surrogate and the baby, legal fees, compensation for the surrogate, and fees for the fertility clinic and IVF procedures. The cost may also cover additional services such as psychological counseling, travel expenses, and insurance for the surrogate.

Q3. Can I choose my surrogate in Pune?

Yes, you can choose your surrogate in Pune. Most fertility clinics work with agencies or have a pool of surrogates available for intended parents to choose from. However, intended parents may also choose to bring their own surrogate, such as a friend or family member.

Q4. What are the legal aspects of surrogacy in Pune?

Surrogacy is legal in India, including Pune. However, there are specific legal requirements that must be met, such as a written agreement between the surrogate and intended parents, medical screening, and court approval. It is important to work with a qualified attorney to ensure all legal requirements are met.

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