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How much does PGD Cost in Delhi?

PGD stands for preimplantation genetic diagnosis. It is a medical process used to screen embryos for genetic disorder before embryos are transferred into the uterus of the woman. This process used during in IVF (in vitro fertilization). Genetic anomalies are identified by this technique. PGD allows an opportunity for parents to make right decision before the embryos implanted into the uterus. The technique allows right embryos to transfer during IVF. In this article, we’ll discuss PGD‘s importance, application of PGD, process and the most important, the Cost of PGD in Delhi.

What is the purpose of PGD?

The purpose of PGD is to identifying embryos carrying specific genetic disorder. It is used to prevent the transfer of genetic mutation from parents to their child. PGD makes sure that only healthy or right embryos are implanted into the uterus of the woman.

Applications of PGD

Prevent genetic disorder: parents with a history of genetic mutation choose PGD to make sure their child’s health. PGD is performed to screen genetic disorder like cystic fibrosis, huntington’s disease and many others.

Aneuploidy screening: PGD can also use to identify chromosomal integrity of embryos which is important for a healthy pregnancy.

Gender selection: in some cases, it is used for gender selection which is a non- medical reason.

PGD Cost in Delhi

What is the procedure of PGD?

The following steps include in the procedure of PGD:

Stimulation: the PGD process starts with ovarian ovulation. In this step hormonal medication is given to the woman for the growth of multiple eggs.

Egg retrieval: eggs are retrieved with the help of thin needle. A small surgical process is performed for the retrieval of egg.

Fertilization: when eggs are retrieved then with the help of IVF eggs are fertilized with the sperm in the laboratory.

Embryo culture: fertilized eggs develop into embryos, which are cultured in the lab for several days.

Biopsy: at the blastocyst stage, few cells are removed from each embryo.

Genetic analysis: to identify the genetic anomalies, removed cells are subjected to genetic tests with help of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technique.

Selection: embryos that are free from genetic disorder are selected for implantation into the uterus.

Embryo transfer: the right and selected embryos are transfer into the uterus of the woman.

PGD Cost in Delhi

PGD Cost in Delhi depends on various factors and PGD is a part of broader term IVF. The Cost of PGD in Delhi combined with IVF expenses. There are various factors that influence the Cost of PGD in Delhi. The key factors include:

Location and choice of fertility clinic: the location and the fertility clinic’s reputation and experience influence the PGD Cost in Delhi. Trusted and well-established fertility Centre’s with high rate of success may charge more.

Type of genetic testing: To screen genetic disorder, there are different techniques like PCR, FISH and NGS etc. among these techniques NGS may be expensive as compared to PCR and FISH as it is advanced technique.

Additional services: some fertility clinics offer additional services such as genetic screening, which can rise up the cost of PGD.

Embryo freeze: if you opt for freeze the embryo for future use, then it will increase the cost PGD.

Medication and drugs: medications can also add up to the cost of PGD as it includes hormonal medicines for ovarian stimulation and other medicines for IVF process.

Table of cost of PGD treatment with IVF:

Kinds of IVF processCost (excluded medicines and blood test)
IVF/PGD with PGD/PGS275000 to 300000
IVF/PGD single cycle with self egg125000 to 220000
IVF/PGD with PICSI185000 to 200000
IVF/PGD with ICSI175000 to 185000
IVF/PGD with Donor egg275000 to 300000
IVF/PGD single cycle with donor egg175000 to 220000
IVF/PGD with laser assisted hatching220000
IVF/PGD with programme per cycle125000 to 160000
IVF/PGD with donor sperm210000

PGD in India

PGD has gained a massive popularity in India, Delhi. Delhi is a hub for healthcare services. There are numerous fertility hospitals in Delhi that offer PGD services. India offers PDG services with the help of skilled medical professionals at affordable cost. India’s fertility hospitals advanced infrastructure and high quality of treatment make it an attractive destination for couples seeking PGD treatment.

What are challenges and risks of PGD?

Like any other medical process, PGD has also some challenges and risks. Sometime it may not guarantee a successful pregnancy and genetic testing has a risk of misdiagnosis. Some advanced test’s is not infallible.

Why choose Baby Grow Fertility Centre for PGD treatment?

Baby Grow Fertility Centre is the most trusted and reputable fertility Centre that offer services like PGD, Surrogacy, IUI, ICSI and many more. Baby Grow Fertility Centre is dedicated to provide high quality Fertility treatment with the help of their skilled and highly qualified professionals. It’s been 10 years that Baby Grow Fertility Centre is giving fertility services with high success rate. We are committed to offer fertility services all over the India. With the help of modern technologies equipment and experienced experts we guarantee the success of treatment. Moreover, the healthcare experts are also friendly and polite. They talk with the patients in a respectful manner.

PGD Cost in Delhi


To conclude, Preimplantation genetic disorder is the assisted reproductive technology used to prevent the transmission of genetic mutation from parents to child. The Cost of PDG in Delhi depends on various factors such as location, choice, success rate, experience and many other factors. However, it’s essential to research, consult and contact with fertility specialist to know the exact cost of PGD treatment.


What is PGD? What is the cost of PGD treatment in Delhi?

PGD is medical process used to prevent transmission of genetic disorder from parents to off-springs. This treatment is performed to transfer right embryos into the uterus of the woman. The cost of PGD treatment in Delhi ranges from 2.5 to 3 lakh.

Where can I get PGD treatment?

Baby Grow Fertility Centre, Apollo Fertility, Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre and Omya Fertility Centre are some PGD/PGS treatment provider Centre in India.

What’s the best PGD treatment Centre’s in Delhi?

Baby Grow Fertility Centre, Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre, world Infertility & IVF Centre and Apollo Fertility are some PGD treatment Provider Centre in Delhi.

What is the benefit of PGD?

PGD reduces the risk of genetic disorder is the benefit of PGD.

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