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Best Surrogacy Centre in Greater Noida 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to Baby Grow Fertility, your comprehensive guide to the Best Surrogacy Centre in Greater Noida. At Baby Grow, we understand the unique challenges on the path to parenthood, and our state-of-the-art facility in Greater Noida is dedicated to addressing these with expertise and compassion.

As a leading center for Surrogacy in Greater Noida, we offer a range of services tailored to your individual needs, ensuring a supportive and transparent journey.

Our commitment extends to providing clarity on the Cost of Surrogacy in Greater Noida. We offer affordable packages starting at 3,75,000 INR, ensuring that financial considerations do not hinder your pursuit of parenthood. Trust Baby Grow Fertility for a seamless and fulfilling surrogacy experience, where your dream of a growing family becomes a reality.

Definition and Concept of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a reproductive arrangement where a woman, known as the surrogate, carries and delivers a child for another couple or individual. This intricate process involves assisted reproductive technologies and medical interventions to facilitate conception and gestation.

Key Elements of Surrogacy:-

Gestational Surrogacy: The surrogate carries a child conceived using in vitro fertilization (IVF), where the embryo is created with the eggs and sperm of the intended parents or donors, eliminating a genetic connection with the surrogate.

Traditional Surrogacy: The surrogate’s own eggs are used, making her the biological mother. This method is less common due to legal and emotional complexities.

The Surrogacy Process

Initial Consultation

The surrogacy journey begins with an Initial Consultation, a pivotal step at Baby Grow Fertility. During this phase, aspiring parents meet with our experienced fertility specialists to discuss their goals, medical history, and expectations. This consultation lays the foundation for a personalized surrogacy plan, considering individual needs and preferences. Our experts provide detailed information about the surrogacy process, addressing any concerns and ensuring that all parties involved are well-informed and comfortable before proceeding.

Matching Process

Following the Initial Consultation, the Matching Process ensues, a delicate phase where intended parents are matched with a suitable surrogate. Baby Grow Fertility employs a meticulous matching protocol that considers medical compatibility, lifestyle preferences, and shared values. This thoughtful approach aims to foster a positive and collaborative relationship between the intended parents and the surrogate, enhancing the overall surrogacy experience.

Medical Procedures and Monitoring

Once the ideal match is established, the surrogacy journey transitions into the Medical Procedures and Monitoring phase. Our expert medical team conducts thorough assessments and implements a personalized fertility treatment plan. Throughout this stage, the surrogate undergoes medical procedures, including IVF and embryo transfer, while our professionals closely monitor the progress. Regular check-ups and continuous communication ensure a safe and supportive environment, fostering the best possible conditions for a successful surrogacy journey.

Baby Grow Fertility (Best Surrogacy Centre in Greater Noida)

Welcome to Baby Grow Fertility, the foremost Surrogacy Centre in Greater Noida, where dreams of parenthood come to fruition. Our commitment to excellence positions us as a comprehensive fertility hub, offering a range of cutting-edge services, including IVF, Surrogacy, ICSI, PGD, IMSI, IUI, TESA, PESA, Sperm Donor, Egg Donor, Test Tube Baby, Hysteroscopy, and more.

As pioneers in assisted reproductive technologies, our experienced team of fertility specialists, embryologists, and support staff collaborates to provide personalized and compassionate care. At Baby Grow Fertility, we understand the significance of every individual’s journey, tailoring our services to meet diverse needs.

Our dedication extends beyond medical expertise to include ethical practices, ensuring a transparent and supportive environment for our clients. Embark on your path to parenthood with confidence at Baby Grow Fertility, where innovation and empathy converge to make your dreams of a family a reality.

Surrogacy Cost in Greater Noida

Navigating the route of surrogacy in Greater Noida necessitates careful financial assessment. At Baby Grow Fertility, we prioritize transparency, offering a comprehensive breakdown of Surrogacy Cost. Our packages, starting at INR 12,00,000, are designed to encompass medical procedures, surrogate compensation, legal formalities, and ancillary services. We understand the financial aspect is crucial, and our commitment is to make this transformative journey accessible without compromising on the quality of care. Trust Baby Grow Fertility to provide a clear understanding of Surrogacy Cost in Greater Noida, ensuring you embark on your parenthood journey with confidence and financial clarity.

Importance of Choosing the Right Surrogacy Centre

  • Medical Expertise: Selecting the right surrogacy center is crucial due to the paramount importance of medical expertise. A reputable center should boast a team of experienced and qualified medical professionals specializing in reproductive health. This ensures that the surrogate and the intended parents receive top-notch medical care throughout the surrogacy journey, enhancing the chances of a successful and healthy pregnancy.
  • Success Rates: The track record of success rates is a key indicator of a surrogacy center’s proficiency. The right center should be able to provide transparent and verifiable data on their success rates, assuring intended parents that they are entrusting their dreams of parenthood to an institution with a proven track record of positive outcomes.
  • Ethical Considerations: Ethical practices are non-negotiable in the surrogacy process. The right surrogacy center places a high value on ethical considerations, ensuring that the surrogacy journey is conducted with integrity, transparency, and respect for the rights and well-being of all parties involved. This includes fair compensation for surrogates and adherence to legal and ethical guidelines.
  • Emotional Support: The emotional toll of surrogacy is significant, making emotional support a pivotal factor in choosing the right center. A reputable surrogacy center should offer comprehensive emotional support services, including counseling and guidance, to help both surrogates and intended parents navigate the complexities of the process and build a strong support system.
  • Legal Aspects: Navigating the legal landscape of surrogacy is intricate, and choosing the right surrogacy center involves ensuring a thorough understanding of the legal aspects. The center should have legal experts who can guide intended parents and surrogates through the legal requirements, rights, and responsibilities, minimizing potential legal complications.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: The right surrogacy center places a strong emphasis on a patient-centric approach. This involves tailoring the surrogacy journey to the unique needs and preferences of the intended parents and surrogates. A personalized approach fosters a supportive and collaborative environment, enhancing the overall experience and increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Post-Surrogacy Support

Counseling Services: After the surrogacy journey concludes, counseling services play a crucial role in helping both the surrogate and intended parents navigate the emotional aftermath. Professional counselors with expertise in reproductive health offer a supportive environment to address any lingering concerns, facilitate communication between parties involved, and assist in processing the profound emotional experiences associated with surrogacy. These services ensure that individuals and families receive the necessary emotional support to cope with the complex emotions that may arise post-surrogacy.

Continuing Medical Care: Post-surrogacy, continuing medical care is essential for both the surrogate and the newborn. This phase involves regular health check-ups and monitoring to ensure the surrogate’s physical recovery and well-being. For the newborn, pediatric care becomes a priority, emphasizing vaccinations, growth milestones, and overall health. Comprehensive medical care post-surrogacy is a testament to the commitment of surrogacy centers to the health and welfare of all parties involved, reinforcing the holistic approach to reproductive healthcare.

Community Support Groups: Community support groups offer a valuable network for individuals who have undergone or are considering surrogacy. These groups provide a platform for surrogate mothers, intended parents, and families to share experiences, exchange advice, and form connections with those who have walked a similar path. The sense of community fosters understanding, reduces isolation, and offers a space where individuals can find solace in shared experiences. These support groups contribute significantly to the emotional well-being of everyone involved, creating a supportive community that extends beyond the confines of the surrogacy journey.


Baby Grow Fertility stands as the epitome of excellence in fertility care in Greater Noida. As the Best Surrogacy Centre, our commitment to realizing the dreams of parenthood is unwavering. With a comprehensive suite of services, experienced specialists, and a compassionate support team, we ensure a seamless and personalized journey for every aspiring parent. At Baby Grow Fertility, we embrace innovation, ethics, and transparency, creating a nurturing environment where dreams take root and flourish. Trust us to guide you with expertise and empathy on your path to parenthood, making each step towards building your family a momentous and joyous experience.

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