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Best Surrogacy Centre In Uttar Pradesh

Top 10 best surrogacy centre in Uttar Pradesh

The Best Surrogacy Centre in Uttar Pradesh plays a crucial role in delivering surrogacy methods to individuals. It’s because of centres and their facilities and the expertise of the doctors in all types of infertility techniques and methods that help the surrogacy treatment to become successful. Mostly, individuals who have been suffering from infertility problems for several years look for surrogacy techniques from surrogacy centres that can provide high success at low prices.

In this blog, we are equipped with the Best surrogacy centre in Uttar Pradesh which ensures premium quality care and performance without providing a burden to the pocket of infertile patients. All the surrogacy centres that we will discuss in this blog are highly reputed and recognised. Furthermore, holds a positive review from the previous patients.

A brief introduction to surrogacy

Surrogacy is a method that is performed to treat infertility of patients. This method is mostly useful for infertile couples or the intended couples who have been struggling with infertility for many years. The surrogacy method involves a woman commonly known as the surrogate mother. She agrees to help the intended couple by carrying their baby in her womb. It means a surrogate works as a substitute in place of an intended mother for the intended couple.

Types of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh:

Traditional surrogacy: it is a type of surrogacy where the surrogate mother works as a substitute for the intended mother. The surrogate’s eggs are used to inseminate the sperm and produce the embryo which is further developing into a baby.

Gestational surrogacy: this type of surrogacy involves the surrogate mother and intended couples. The eggs and sperm are collected from the intended couples for artificial insemination that results in an embryo. When the embryo fully develops then it is transplanted into the woman’s uterus.

Altruistic surrogacy: The surrogate mother is a close relative, friend or close person of the intended couple. The compensation for the surrogate mother is not provided to her except for the medical expenses and insurance coverage.

Commercial surrogacy: this type of surrogacy is just the opposite of altruistic surrogacy. The compensation of the surrogate mother is provided to her including the medical expenses and the insurance coverage.

What is the process of surrogacy step by step in Uttar Pradesh?

As you already know, surrogacy is a technique which is used to get rid of infertility. Everyone knows that it’s a long process and individuals need to carefully follow all the steps to make the treatment successful. So the following steps explain the surrogacy process:

  • To begin the surrogacy, the individual needs to get a consultation from the surrogacy expert who will briefly explain the process and will discuss the cost and other possibilities to make the process successful.
  • After that, the medical screening of the surroagte and intended couples are performed to figure out the fitness and well-being of the individual.
  • Once the evaluation and screening are completed then the legal work of the surrogacy treatment starts. The documents and important papers are verified then the lawyer drafts a legal contract between the surrogate mother and the intended couple. This legal contract is signed by both parties and it includes the roles and responsibilities of the involved parties.
  • The medical process of the intended couple and surrogate mother begins with the stimulation of the ovaries so that ovaries can produce multiple eggs. Once the eggs are matured and completely developed then the eggs are harvested and fertilised with the sperm which results in an embryo. A healthy-looking embryo which is free from any type of illness is selected to transfer into the uterus of the woman.
  • After that, a blood test is conducted to determine the pregnancy of the woman. Once pregnancy is confirmed then a healthy diet to provided to the woman.

How surrogacy is managed in Uttar Pradesh?

Surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh is managed by the Surrogacy Regulation Act 2021 which states that traditional and commercial surrogacy is banned in Uttar Pradesh. Only gestational surrogacy and altruistic surrogacy are legal in Uttar Pradesh. As per this act, surrogacy is defined as the practice where artificial insemination is performed through the help of eggs and sperm from intended couples. In this process of fertility, a woman gives birth to a newborn and after delivery of the child, the baby is provided to the intended couple. The following steps clear the rules and regulations of the surrogacy process:

  • Couples with a certificate of eligibility and a certificate of infertility from the recognised authority.
  • Couples with ages of 26 to 55 years for the male individual and 25 to 50 years for the female individual.
  • Couples must be Indian citizens and should be married for at least 5 years.
  • Foreign couples are not allowed to get treatment for infertility such as the surrogacy method. They can get surrogacy if they can prove their Indian nationality.
  • Couples must not have any biological child, adopted child or child from the previous surrogacy. This rule is not allowed if the child is suffering from a serious illness.  

Best Surrogacy Centre in Uttar Pradesh

  1. Baby Grow Fertility Centre (the best surrogacy centre in Uttar Pradesh)

Baby Grow Fertility Centre is the best surrogacy centre in Uttar Pradesh, with 15 years of experience in the fertility industry. The centre makes the path to parenthood easy with the help of the latest technology. The centre was developed with the mission to provide surrogacy services at affordable prices. The centre delivers world-class services to Indian intended couples.

This fertility centre brings joy to intended couples by offering a healthy baby. The centre helps the individual by turning their dream of infertility into reality. The centre ensures a positive outcome with the help of highly qualified fertility experts and trained nurses.

Hence, the centre has all types of facilities and treatments that ensure the cure of infertility including surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, egg freezing, and egg donors.

  • Raj Hospital

Raj Hospital is considered one of the best surrogacy centre in Uttar Pradesh by the individuals who got the successful outcome from this centre. This centre has amazing infrastructure that delivers multiple facilities and comfort to the intended couples. The doctors and the nurse staff of this hospital are well-trained in their respective fields. These qualified and experienced fertility staff treat infertile couples.

The staff are kind, friendly and behave well-mannered with the patients. The centre comes with modern technology and advanced reproductive tools that enhance the success rate of surrogacy. Moreover, the centre delivers the treatment with fewer complications.

The centre is convenient for individuals and offers several infertility treatments to intended couples such as surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, PGD, IUI, etc.

  • Right Choice Fertility Centre

Right Choice Fertility Centre makes sure to fill your life with happiness. This fertility centre has plans and services to provide a healthy and biological baby to the intended couples. The centre’s 16 years of experience makes this centre reputable and recognizable.

The reason for the establishment of this centre is to offer top-notch fertility services to the intended couples so that they can enjoy the life of parenting. The centre’s other facilities include free online consultation, 24*7 availability, and highly professional fertility experts who make sure to provide a high success rate of the surrogacy treatment.

The centre’s fertility team includes an embryologist, urologist, gynaecologist, obstetrician, etc. All these experts provide the surety of positive outcomes with utmost comfort. Infertility treatment delivered by this fertility centre includes surrogacy, IVF, Egg donor, ICSI, etc.

  • Indira IVF

Indira IVF is one of the leading surrogacy centre in Uttar Pradesh, offering world-class surrogacy treatment to the intended couples. This centre has cured several patients who are suffering with the issue of infertility and want to have a biological child. This fertility centre is spread worldwide and across India to treat patients. Hence, dedicated to bringing merry in the life of infertile couples.

The centre accomplishes a good number of pregnancies through their skills and knowledge of treatment. Its 140 advanced clinics have delivered 150000 successful pregnancies. The centre has a high success rate of surrogacy, centre’s fertility experts and the latest technology play a crucial role in offering the sky-high success rate.

The centre comes with various infertility treatments for the intended couples so that the couples can get a successful conception. The services include surrogacy, female infertility, male infertility, PGD, egg donor, etc.

  • Nova IVF Fertility

Nova IVF fertility provides families to the intended couples. This surrogacy centre can be a great option for individuals struggling with infertility. The centre has a well-built infrastructure, the latest reproductive tools, trained nurses and junior staff, surrogacy practitioners, embryologists, fertility specialists, IVF experts, etc. All these elements help in delivering first-class surrogacy treatment to the intended couples.

The centre’s affordable prices attract infertile couples towards this centre. The centre keeps the transparent pricing and process of surrogacy, this helps in delivering clear and concise information to the intended couples. The centre has had high success and made several couples happy with their treatment.

This centre is expanded in different cities of India and has 72 centres that delivered 70000 pregnancies. With the help of its fertility experts, the centre offers you support and care in the entire journey of surrogacy.

  • Vansh Clinic & Test Tube Baby Centre

This centre is equipped with an embryologist, gynaecologist, urologist, obstetrician, etc. who utilizes cutting-edge reproductive technology tools that offer outstanding performance of the surrogacy treatment. The centre ensures a high level of satisfaction for its patients through the quality of treatment. Its several numbers of experience prove its recognition and reputation.

This fertility centre provides personalised care and support to the intended couples. During times of difficulty, the centre ensures emotional and psychological support to the patients. The centre understands that infertility can be a difficult part of a person’s life which is why delivers the best possible outcome for the intended couples.

  • Fertility world

The fertility world offers a great opportunity for infertile couples. Couples with infertility can choose this centre to treat their infertility and can get a life in their hands. The centre comes with a compassionate team of fertility experts who deliver exceptional care and unparalleled support to infertile couples.

This fertility centre prioritizes successful results for the intended couples. With the help of fertility experts, reproductive technologies, high success rate, availability of all types of infertility treatment, etc, individuals can welcome a baby in their homes.

This surrogacy centre offers surrogacy programs for couples including the guaranteed surrogacy program with donor eggs, guaranteed IVF program with donor eggs, surrogacy with self-eggs, surrogacy with frozen embryos, and single-parent surrogacy.

  • Pravi IVF and Fertility Centre

Pravi IVF and Fertility Centre is counted as the best surrogacy centre in Uttar Pradesh. The centre commits to offering world-class fertility services to the intended couples. The centre’s dedicated and professional team of fertility experts provides positive results in fertility services.

The centre’s main focus is on delivering a positive environment while ensuring the high success rate of the surrogacy method. The centre’s staff are highly educated and ensure personalised care and treatment to individuals having infertility problems.

The centre’s doctors or fertility experts can effectively communicate with the patients in different languages. Moreover, this fertility centre offers various fertility services to individuals including surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, IUI, etc.

  • Urvara Fertility Center

Urvara Fertility Center is an internationally recognised fertility centre in Uttar Pradesh. The centre has received many awards that show the popularity of this centre. With the help of the latest reproductive equipment, the centre can ensure the successful result of the surrogacy technique. 

This fertility centre has high success and it’s all because of the hard work of the surrogacy practitioners and fertility experts. The centre comes with various types of facilities that can enhance the success rate of fertility treatment such as world-class labs, internationally trained fertility experts and teams, and the good possibility of success rates.

The centre’s medical team is kind and friendly and maintains a positive environment in the centre. The centre tries the make the journey of surrogacy of individuals stress-free and guides the patient throughout the surrogacy.

  1. Mother’s Care and IVF Centre

Mother’s Care and IVF Centre is a place where the dream of infertile couples is fulfilled with the help of doctors and reproductive tools. The centre comes with many years of experience in the fertility field. The doctors and the fertility team of this centre are highly experienced and qualified from prestigious colleges. 

The doctors ensure a friendly environment and effectively communicate with the patients. This fertility centre comes with amazing infrastructure that is equipped with a world-class lab, advanced technology, professional doctors, a high success rate of surrogacy, etc. Moreover, this centre also takes care of the patient’s emotional and psychological well-being.

Why choose Baby Grow Fertility Centre?

Welcome to a place, where the wings are provided to your dreams. Each individual who is thinking about getting an infertility treatment can fulfil their dream in our centre. Our dedication towards offering world-class treatment made us recognizable across India. We ensure babies for every infertile couple who is long-awaited to achieve. With the help of us, the individual can sense the breath of their own child.  So today choose us and make your life blissful.

Here’s why we are the best for offering surrogacy methods in Uttar Pradesh:

  • Our centre comes with highly experienced and educated surrogacy practitioners.
  • Our centre offers a high success rate of surrogacy treatment.
  • Our centre comes with advanced reproductive tools.
  • The environment of our fertility centre is friendly and positive.
  • We are equipped with great infrastructure and modern labs that are stuffed with latest tools.
  • We offer the surrogacy method at an affordable price.


In conclusion, surrogacy centres play an important role in delivering the best surrogacy treatment that’s why our blog is all about the best surrogacy centre in Uttar Pradesh. These surrogacy centres are nationally and internationally recognised because of their performance.

If the individual struggling with infertility and searching for the best surrogacy centre then the person needs to follow some factors such as the success rate of the centre, expertise and doctors of the centre, personalised care and the cost of the surrogacy treatment in that centre. 

By comparing these elements in several centres, the individual can find a perfect surrogacy centre that can provide successful treatment while ensuring the care, quality and support to the individual.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What is the best surrogacy centre in Uttar Pradesh?

Baby Grow Fertility Centre is the best surrogacy centre in Uttar Pradesh where individuals can find a way to treat their infertility. The centre is equipped with great infrastructure and all the necessary facilities that can deliver a healthy child into the lives of the intended couples.

Who is eligible for a surrogate in Uttar Pradesh?

The women with a certificate of eligibility from the recognised authority, married women with a child and husband, women with ages between 25 to 35 years, and women with proper fitness whether it is medical or physical.

What is the success rate of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh?

The age of the woman, the cause of infertility, the expertise of the doctor, the type of embryo, and the quality of the embryo are some elements that can affect the success rate of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh.

How much does surrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh?

The cost of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh can vary on many factors such as the location of the centre, success rate of the centre, and additional facilities like PGD, IUI, ICSI, etc. so the surrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh ranges up to 14 lakh.

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