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Surrogacy Cost in Bihar

Surrogacy Cost in Bihar: What to Expect and How to Budget for Your Journey

Surrogacy has emerged as a crucial solution for couples grappling with severe infertility or facing challenges where the female partner’s health concerns prevent her from carrying a baby. For such couples, surrogacy represents an encouraging sign, frequently viewed as the last feasible choice. Be that as it may, the way to an effective surrogacy venture lies in tracking down the right surrogacy center. In Bihar, the Surrogacy Cost in Bihar stand apart as the essential objective for couples looking for this particular treatment.

The Surrogacy Cost in Bihar are equipped with comprehensive facilities essential for ensuring a successful outcome for every couple. With a commitment to excellence, these clinics offer competitive prices, high success rates, and a compassionate staff dedicated to assisting patients at every step of their journey. Staff members undergo rigorous training to provide top-notch care and support to patients, ensuring a friendly and respectful environment throughout the surrogacy process.

Furthermore, Bihar boasts fertility clinics across its cities, each offering specialized services in fertility treatments and surrogacy. During surrogacy procedures, doctors in Bihar clinics demonstrate meticulous attention to detail, striving to minimize any potential risks or errors. The relentless devotion to administration and patient consideration separates the surrogacy facilities in Bihar, making them the favored decision for people and couples looking for fertility solutions.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy, a method of fertility treatment, involves a surrogate mother carrying a pregnancy for intended couples facing medical obstacles to natural conception. It’s a carefully structured legal arrangement governed by a comprehensive contract between the intended couple and the surrogate mother, outlining their respective rights and responsibilities to ensure clarity and prevent potential disputes. In Bihar, where surrogacy works inside stable lawful systems, this legally binding arrangement works with the smooth progress of parental guardianship after conveyance. The proxy mother gives up guardianship to the planned couple, who, thus, maintains the understanding by shunning denying parental freedoms to the substitute.

In Bihar, various types of surrogacy are available:

  • Traditional surrogacy: this type of surrogacy involves the surrogate mother whose eggs are used in the fertilization procedure. The eggs from the surrogate and sperm from the intended father are collected for the fertilization procedure. This type of surrogacy is performed using the IUI procedure which is intrauterine insemination (directly sperm placed in the uterus). In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother has a genetic relationship with the baby.
  • Gestational surrogacy: this surrogacy is performed using the procedure of IVF which is in vitro fertilization. Gestational surrogacy involves the eggs from the intended mother and sperm from the intended father which is fertilized on the laboratory dish to create the embryo then the embryo is placed into the uterus of the surrogate mother. In gestational, the surrogate has no genetic or biological relation with the child.
  • Commercial surrogacy: in this surrogacy, the surrogate gets monetary compensation from the intended couple including medical expenses.
  • Altruistic surrogacy: the surrogate mother will be a close relative or friend of the intended couple and the surrogate doesn’t receive monetary compensation except the medical expenses and insurance coverage.

What is the legal form of surrogacy cost in Bihar?

In Bihar, the legal form of surrogacy cost can vary depending on several factors. Surrogacy is represented by the Surrogacy (Guideline) Bill, which means to manage surrogacy administrations in India. However, it’s crucial to note that starting around my last update, the bill had not been established into regulation. In this way, the lawful system for surrogacy in Bihar could in any case advance.

Typically, surrogacy costs include various components such as medical expenses, legal fees, surrogate compensation, agency charges (if applicable), and administrative costs. However, without specific legislation in place, the exact legal form of surrogacy cost in Bihar may not be clearly defined.

It’s crucial for expected guardians considering surrogacy in Bihar to talk with legitimate specialists who spend significant time in conceptive regulation to figure out the ongoing lawful scene and guarantee consistency with any current guidelines or rules. Moreover, working with trustworthy surrogacy centers or offices can give clearness to the costs in question and the legalities encompassing the surrogacy cycle in Bihar.

How is the surrogacy process done?

Allow us to simplify this process for you, ensuring clarity at every step. The journey begins with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), where an embryo is created using donor eggs and sperm. This embryo is then carefully placed into the uterus of the surrogate, who will carry the pregnancy to term and deliver the baby.
Before diving into the medical aspects, certain preliminary steps must be taken. Firstly, selecting a reputable fertility clinic in Bihar to initiate the medical procedures is essential. Additionally, both intended parents and the surrogate must undergo thorough legal procedures. Once all parties agree to proceed, they formalize their commitment by drafting a detailed legal contract. Legal representatives for both sides negotiate and finalize the terms of the agreement, ensuring the interests of all parties involved are protected. After mutual acceptance and legal approval, the contract is signed, paving the way for the commencement of the surrogacy procedure.

Surrogacy Cost in Bihar

Surrogacy cost in Bihar are notably lower compared to those in foreign countries. Within India, Bihar stands out as a commonly chosen destination for surrogacy treatment among intended couples residing in the country, for several compelling reasons. Bihar, being a metropolitan city, boasts readily available modes of transportation, facilitating easy access to surrogacy treatment. Our mission is to assist countless individuals with aspirations of parenthood.

The price of a surrogate mother in Bihar encompasses various factors, including embryo transfer, drug allowances, injectable medications, housekeeping, and psychological support. It’s a reality that pregnancy incurs significant expenses, given the comprehensive demands placed on a woman’s body, time, and energy throughout the journey of carrying and delivering a baby. Typically, this process entails costs ranging around 15 to 25 lakh. While this serves as a general estimate, actual expenses may vary based on individual circumstances.

What is the surrogacy success rate in Patna, Bihar?

Now that we’ve outlined the surrogacy procedure and its associated costs in Bihar, it’s imperative to shift our focus to the success rates of surrogacy. Without a high success rate in Bihar, proceeding with surrogacy could potentially lead to a waste of resources. Thus, understanding the success rates of the treatment becomes paramount.

While every center may demand a high cost for surrogacy, it’s prudent to invest in centers that can offer assurance of success. Choosing centers or hospitals with low success rates risks squandering the couple’s financial resources.

At our center, Baby Grow Fertility, we pride ourselves on having the highest success rate in surrogacy. Success in surrogacy hinges not only on the couple but also on the surrogate’s health. Therefore, it’s imperative for the couple to prioritize their own health to maximize the chances of success.

Surrogacy Treatment Success Rate Range

Surrogacy with Advance Treatments

  • Surrogacy with self eggs and sperm 65% to 70%
  • ICSI with surrogacy 66% to 69%
  • PGD with surrogacy 62% to 68%
  • SSR with surrogacy 60% to 66%
  • Surrogacy with normal delivery 67% to 70%
  • C-type delivery surrogacy 65% to 69%
  • Twins surrogacy 48% to 56%

Why choose Baby Grow Fertility?

Baby Grow Fertility is dedicated to realizing the dreams of couples facing infertility challenges. We are committed to assisting couples in achieving their goal of conceiving a biological child. Our center offers high-quality fertility treatments custom-made to meet the particular requirements of each expected couple, changing their yearnings into the real world. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology,, and sympathetic consideration, we attempt to satisfy the fantasy of life as a parent for each individual or couple who strolls through our entryways.

With a team of highly educated and experienced medical professionals, our fertility center boasts an impressive success rate ranging from 70 to 90%. Our fertility experts assume a significant part in keeping up with this high achievement rate by giving customized care and mastery all through the treatment cycle. We are devoted to conveying premium-quality treatment to people battling with infertility, it is all around as smooth and effective as conceivable to guarantee their excursion towards life as a parent.


In conclusion, starting the quest for surrogacy is a deeply felt and challenging decision for infertile couples. The method of surrogacy includes a few stages like consultation, screening, blending, legal aspects, pregnancy, and checking. This multitude of strategies add to the charges of surrogacy.
In Bihar, surrogacy is legal for married and unmarried couples. The surrogacy cost in Bihar is affordable for infertile couples. If it is still unaffordable for infertile couples then several fertility centres provide financial assistance to couples struggling with infertility. Baby Grow Fertility is also one of them that offers financial assistance to infertile couples including the installment.


Is surrogacy legal in Bihar?

Surrogacy is legal in Bihar, subject to certain regulations and legal requirements.

How much does surrogacy typically cost in Bihar?

The cost of surrogacy in Bihar varies depending on factors such as medical expenses, legal fees, surrogate compensation, and agency charges, with estimates ranging from [insert range].

What are the main risks associated with surrogacy?

Risks associated with surrogacy include financial uncertainties, emotional challenges, and potential medical complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Can insurance cover surrogacy expenses?

Some insurance policies may offer coverage for fertility treatments and pregnancy-related expenses, but coverage for surrogacy varies and requires careful review of policy terms.

How can I find a reputable surrogacy agency in Bihar?

Researching surrogacy agencies, reading reviews, and seeking recommendations from healthcare professionals or support groups can help identify reputable agencies in Bihar.

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