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Best Surrogacy Centre in Gurugram 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Baby Grow Fertility emerges as a light of hope and compassion on the deep road to motherhood, proudly standing as the Best Surrogacy Centre in Gurugram.

Beyond medical competence, Baby Grow Fertility is a haven where dreams of parenting can come true. Our commitment transcends the clinical, embracing the emotional intricacies of each family’s unique story. We understand that the quest for a family extends beyond biological intricacies and delve into the emotional tapestry of hope, resilience, and love.

Our Surrogacy Cost in Gurugram is not just a financial consideration; it’s an investment in the emotional wealth of a family. At Baby Grow Fertility, Surrogacy in Gurugram is not just a process; it’s a transformative journey, navigating the delicate threads of emotions with unparalleled care and sensitivity.

Understanding Surrogacy

Understanding surrogacy involves a third-party woman carrying a pregnancy for intended parents. Legal, emotional, and medical aspects play crucial roles in this assisted reproductive method.

Types of Surrogacy

Surrogacy comes in different forms, each with its own set of implications and processes.

Traditional Surrogacy: In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate provides both the egg and carries the pregnancy. This method involves artificial insemination, where the surrogate’s egg is fertilized with the intended father’s sperm or donor sperm. While it was more common in the past, traditional surrogacy has become less prevalent due to the emotional complexities involved, as the surrogate is genetically related to the child.

Gestational Surrogacy: Gestational surrogacy, on the other hand, is the more widely practiced and accepted form. In this approach, the surrogate carries an embryo that is not biologically hers. IVF is used to develop the embryo, which is made up of the eggs and sperm of the intending parents or donors. This approach removes the surrogate’s genetic link to the kid, minimizing some of the emotional complications inherent with traditional surrogacy. Because of the certainty in paternity and the less emotional entanglements, gestational surrogacy has become a popular alternative. Understanding these distinct types is crucial for those considering surrogacy, allowing them to make informed decisions based on their preferences and circumstances.

The Surrogacy Process: Step by Step

Initial Consultation: The surrogacy journey begins with an initial consultation, a pivotal step where intended parents meet with surrogacy specialists. During this session, medical and emotional histories are discussed, and the process is explained in detail. It’s an opportunity for both parties to ask questions, express concerns, and establish a foundation for a collaborative and transparent partnership.

Screening and Matching Process: Following the initial consultation, an extensive screening and matching process ensues. This involves evaluating the health and background of potential surrogates, ensuring compatibility with the intended parents. Factors such as medical history, lifestyle, and personal preferences are taken into account, emphasizing the importance of a harmonious match to enhance the overall surrogacy experience.

Medical Procedures

In-vitro Fertilization (IVF): One of the core medical procedures in surrogacy is IVF. This involves combining an egg and sperm outside the body and implanting the fertilized embryo into the surrogate’s uterus. The IVF process is intricate, requiring precise timing and coordination between medical professionals, intended parents, and the surrogate.

Implantation Process: Once embryos are developed through IVF, the implantation process follows. This entails placing the embryo into the surrogate’s uterus, a critical step that requires careful monitoring and support. The success of this phase is integral to the overall success of the surrogacy journey.

Legal Formalities and Contracts: Surrogacy involves complex legal considerations. Parties involved, including the surrogate, intended parents, and the surrogacy agency, must enter into comprehensive legal agreements outlining rights, responsibilities, and expectations. Legal professionals specializing in reproductive law play a crucial role in ensuring that all aspects are legally sound and protective of everyone involved.

Pregnancy and Prenatal Care: Once the legalities are addressed, the surrogate begins the pregnancy with ongoing support and monitoring. Regular prenatal care is provided, ensuring the health and well-being of both the surrogate and the developing child. This phase emphasizes open communication between the surrogate, medical professionals, and intended parents, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment throughout the pregnancy.

Baby Grow Fertility (Best Surrogacy Centre in Gurugram)

Welcome to Baby Grow Fertility, the epitome of excellence in assisted reproduction and the Best Surrogacy Centre in Gurugram. Our commitment to fulfilling the dreams of parenthood is unwavering, offering a comprehensive range of services that extend beyond surrogacy.

At Baby Grow Fertility, we specialize in a myriad of assisted reproductive technologies, including IVF, Surrogacy, ICSI, PGD, IMSI, IUI, TESA, PESA, Sperm Donor, Egg Donor, Test Tube Baby, Hysteroscopy, and more. Our dedicated team of experts combines cutting-edge medical techniques with compassionate care to provide personalized solutions for each unique journey.

From fertility assessments to the intricate processes of surrogacy, we ensure a holistic approach, guiding you with expertise and empathy. Trust Baby Grow Fertility to be your partner in realizing the joy of parenthood.

How Much Does Cost of Surrogacy in Gurugram?

The cost of surrogacy in Gurugram varies depending on several factors, including medical procedures, legal services, and support throughout the journey. On average, the comprehensive package for surrogacy at Baby Grow Fertility, the leading Surrogacy Centre in Gurugram, ranges from INR 10,00,000 to INR 15,00,000. This inclusive package covers medical expenses, legal consultations, surrogate compensation, and other essential services. It’s important to note that individual circumstances may influence the overall cost. Baby Grow Fertility is committed to transparency, ensuring that intended parents are fully informed about the financial aspects, allowing them to embark on their surrogacy journey with clarity and confidence.

Lets see why are you spending lakhs of rupees in Surrogacy:

  • Egg Donor Screening and Compensation:
    The initial step involves a comprehensive screening of potential egg donors, assessing their medical history, genetic background, and overall health. The selection process is meticulous to ensure compatibility with intended parents. Egg donors are compensated for their time, commitment, and the physical demands of the donation process, reflecting the significance of their contribution.
  • Ovarian Stimulation of Egg Donor:
    Following selection, the egg donor undergoes ovarian stimulation, a process involving hormonal medications to encourage the development of multiple eggs. This step is critical for optimizing the chances of a successful IVF procedure, and it demands careful monitoring by medical professionals to ensure the donor’s well-being.
  • IVF Process:
    The IVF process begins by combining the retrieved eggs with the intended father’s or donor’s sperm in a laboratory setting. The resulting embryos are then cultivated until they reach a viable stage for implantation. This highly orchestrated procedure requires precise timing and expertise from fertility specialists.
  • Surrogate Mother Screening and Finalization:
    Simultaneously, surrogate mothers undergo rigorous screening to assess their physical and emotional suitability for the surrogacy journey. Once a compatible match is identified, the surrogate’s commitment to the process is solidified through legal agreements, delineating responsibilities, rights, and expectations.
  • Embryo Transfer:
    In a crucial stage of the IVF process, viable embryos are transferred into the surrogate mother’s uterus. This delicate procedure requires careful coordination and expertise to enhance the chances of successful implantation and subsequent pregnancy.
  • Medical Check-Ups And Care Of The Surrogate Mother:
    Throughout the pregnancy, the surrogate receives regular medical check-ups and care to monitor her health and the development of the fetus. This ongoing support ensures a smooth and healthy gestation period for both the surrogate and the intended parents’ future child.
  • Uterine Stimulation of Surrogate Mother:
    Prior to embryo transfer, the surrogate undergoes uterine stimulation to create an optimal environment for implantation. This involves hormonal treatments to prepare the uterus for the successful acceptance and development of the implanted embryo.
  • Surrogacy Agreement & Cost For Legal Formalities:
    The legal aspects of surrogacy are formalized through agreements, outlining the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. Legal professionals specializing in reproductive law facilitate these agreements, and the associated costs are typically covered by the intended parents.
  • Expenses for Medical Procedures and Delivery:
    Intended parents are responsible for covering the medical expenses associated with the entire surrogacy process, including IVF procedures, prenatal care, and the delivery itself. These expenses are typically outlined in the surrogacy agreement and may include compensation for the surrogate’s time and effort. Clear communication and transparency regarding these financial aspects are crucial for a successful surrogacy journey.

Criteria for Selecting a Surrogacy Center

Consider reputation, success rates, legal expertise, transparent costs, and patient testimonials when selecting a surrogacy center. Choose a center with experienced professionals for a smooth and successful journey.

Accreditation and Certifications

When choosing a surrogacy center, it’s imperative to prioritize those with proper accreditation and certifications. The center’s accreditation from respectable organizations assures that it conforms to strict standards and ethical procedures. Certifications demonstrate a dedication to excellent treatment and adherence to industry laws, giving potential parents trust in the expertise and dependability of the chosen surrogacy clinic.

Success Rates

A critical factor in the decision-making process is the center’s success rates. High success rates indicate a center’s proficiency in achieving positive outcomes, fostering a sense of trust and assurance for intended parents. Success rates are often based on the number of successful pregnancies and live births, providing valuable insights into the center’s track record and expertise in managing surrogacy journeys.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The physical environment and facilities of a surrogacy center play a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of both surrogate mothers and intended parents. State-of-the-art medical facilities, comfortable accommodation for surrogates, and a conducive environment for medical procedures contribute to a positive experience. A well-equipped center enhances the overall journey and underscores the commitment to providing the highest standards of care.

Experienced Medical Staff

The expertise and experience of the medical staff are paramount in the surrogacy process. Intended parents should assess the qualifications and background of the medical professionals involved in their surrogacy journey. Experienced reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, and obstetricians add a lot of expertise to the procedure, which contributes to the surrogacy experience’s success and safety. A center with a seasoned medical team instills confidence in prospective parents, assuring them that their journey is guided by skilled professionals.


The Best Surrogacy Centre in Gurugram emerges as a beacon of hope for aspiring parents navigating the intricate journey of surrogacy. Renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, experienced medical professionals, and a commitment to ethical practices, these centers offer a holistic approach to reproductive health. The comprehensive screening processes for both egg donors and surrogate mothers ensure the highest standards of care. With a focus on legal formalities, transparent agreements, and ongoing support, these centers stand as pillars of trust in the surrogacy landscape. Intended parents can confidently embark on their path to parenthood, knowing they are in capable and compassionate hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the legal age limit for surrogates?
Ans: Surrogacy centers in Gurugram typically have age limits for surrogates, often ranging from 21 to 35 years. This range ensures that the surrogate is in good reproductive health while minimizing potential risks associated with pregnancy.

Q2. How is the health of the surrogate monitored during pregnancy?
Ans: The surrogate’s health is closely monitored through regular medical check-ups, including screenings, ultrasounds, and consultations. This meticulous oversight aims to ensure the well-being of both the surrogate and the developing fetus.

Q3. Are international couples eligible for surrogacy in Gurugram?
Ans: Yes, Gurugram welcomes international couples seeking surrogacy services. However, they must adhere to the legal requirements and guidelines governing surrogacy in India.

Q4. How is the matching process between surrogates and intended parents done?
Ans: The matching process involves a thorough assessment of compatibility, considering factors such as medical history, values, and preferences. Surrogacy centers facilitate this process, striving for a harmonious match to enhance the overall surrogacy experience.

Q5. What happens in the case of multiple pregnancies?
In the event of multiple pregnancies, the surrogacy team collaborates with the intended parents to make informed decisions. Options may include selective reduction, where the number of embryos is reduced, or proceeding with the pregnancy under careful medical supervision.

Q6. Can same-sex couples opt for surrogacy in Gurugram?
Absolutely. Gurugram’s surrogacy centers are inclusive, providing services to all couples, regardless of gender. Same-sex couples can confidently explore surrogacy as a viable option to fulfill their dream of parenthood.

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