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Surrogacy Cost In Uttar Pradesh

How much does surrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh?

If you are residing in Uttar Pradesh and struggling with infertility then no destination can be better than Uttar Pradesh. This place is a beautiful state in India that offers surrogacy treatment. Mostly, individuals choose this place because of the affordability and advancement in the fertility industry which results in successful surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh. With the availability of highly experienced fertility experts, infrastructure, high success rate, care, comfort, support and guidance, individuals can welcome a baby to their homes and can fill their house with the giggling of the child.

People want to treat their infertility. They already made up a minds to get surrogacy but some important information is stopping their legs from stepping into this journey that’s why we come up with an article to help you. We will solve the queries of individuals regarding surrogacy, surrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh and the factors that affect the cost. So let’s start this article and make an informed decision…

Introduction to surrogacy

The surrogacy method is part of assisted reproductive technology as it includes the process of IVF treatment in which the gametes of intended couples are used to deliver the embryo which is placed into the woman’s uterus. This method is used to grow the families of the intended couples.

Surrogacy is the hope for intended couples and with the help of this, the individual can complete their long-awaited dream of parenthood. In surrogacy, the surrogates are involved and they carry the baby on behalf of the intended mother.

Surrogacy is one of the most effective methods and it is highly recommended to infertile couples. Whenever couples face infertility or are unable to conceive the pregnancy then the surrogacy method is used to get rid of the problem of infertility.

Forms of surrogacy

Surrogacy can be classified into several forms which are mentioned below:

Traditional surrogacy: this form of surrogacy is not used in Uttar Pradesh. It’s because of discrimination and unethical treatment. Traditional surrogacy involves the genetic relationship of a child with the surrogate mother and the intended father. It means the female partner has no genetic relation with the child as the surrogate’s eggs are used to develop the embryo.

Commercial surrogacy: this form of surrogacy was banned in Uttar Pradesh as individuals use this surrogacy to earn money or take it as business. They find the girls struggling with poverty and make a contract with a girl to become the surrogate. Moreover, the companies that offer surrogacy charge high from intended couples in the name of providing compensation to surrogates. Still, in reality, the companies provide little compensation to surrogates and exclude the care and other expenses. 

Altruistic surrogacy: this form of surrogacy includes the surrogate who serves the intended couple as a good deed without expecting in return. It means the surrogate doesn’t receive compensation for her work.

Gestational surrogacy: this form of surrogacy involves the intended couples whose gametes are used to form an embryo. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate has no genetic relation with the child. Only intended couples have blood relations with the child.   

Who can have the benefit of surrogacy?

  • Only intended couples or heterosexual couples who are married for at least 5 years and possess Indian citizenship.
  • The female partner’s age should be between 23 to 50 years.
  • The male partner’s age should be between 26 to 25 years.
  • The partners should not have any child through any method
  • The partner must not have a child through the surrogacy process
  • Foreign couples are not allowed to get surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh

What is the role of a surrogate mother in surrogacy?

The surrogate mother has an essential role in the surrogacy process. She helps the intended couples with her efforts and kindness. She willingly carries the baby till delivery on behalf of the intended mother. However, she is not genetically related to the child. It’s because her eggs are not used in the process of surrogacy. In simple words, the surrogate mother is hired by the intended couple to carry the pregnancy until the delivery. After the delivery, the surrogate hands over the child to the intended couple.

Surrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh

This subheading is the main character of this article so let’s discuss it…

If the intended couples use their eggs and sperm then the surrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh ranges from 12 to 15 lakh. This cost includes the surrogate’s compensation, the surrogacy centre’s charges, legal work charges, etc. Moreover, this cost also includes the retrieval of embryos and medical expenses like charges for injections and drugs.

Surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh is not for everyone as it is an expensive treatment that provides the gift to intended couples “LIFE”. The process includes commitment, valuable time, body, emotions and most important finance. However, Baby Grow Fertility Centre tries to make it possible for every individual struggling with infertility. We ensure that finance can’t become a barrier in the way of achieving the dream of parenthood.

The surrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh at our fertility centre is reasonable and affordable. Offers the treatment at a discount. So the cost of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh at our centre ranges from 11 to 16 lakh. However, some elements can affect or influence the cost of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh including the location of the centre, success rate, experience of the fertility professionals, ultrasounds, blood tests, surroagte mother’s compensation, medication or drugs, etc.

Factors affecting the surrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh, many factors are available that can affect the cost of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh. It’s every intended couple’s responsibility to learn about the elements that can increase the cost of surrogacy:

  • The location of the centre can increase the surrogacy cost as the centre in urban areas charges more as compared to other local areas.
  • The surrogacy method requires various medical stages such as the stimulation of ovaries injections, egg retrieval, fertilisation, medication to recover the uterus to transfer embryo, embryo transfer, etc. All these stages come with a good amount of medical expenses.
  • To start a surrogacy, a legal agreement is drafted between the surrogate and the intended couple. For the legal process, lawyers are hired to view the contract. So the lawyers charge high and if the lawyers have several numbers of experience then there’s a chance of an increment in the cost.
  • Surrogate mother compensation also plays a crucial role in surrogacy cost influence. The surrogate mother gets compensation for her work. She also gets the medical expenses and the insurance coverage.
  • If the case of the individual requires additional facilities then it can also influence the cost of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh. The additional facilities include the IUI, ICSI, PGD, egg donor, egg freezing, etc.

Table of cost of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh

Surrogacy processSurrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh
Surrogacy with self-eggs and sperm14 to 18 lakh
Surrogacy with donor eggs and self-eggs14 to 16 lakh
Surrogacy with donor sperms and self-eggs13 to 17 lakh
Surrogate mother’s cost4 to 6 lakh
IVF and embryo transfer costMore than 4 lakh
Normal vaginal delivery costMore than 35k
Surrogate mother selection, blood test, and the surrogate mother preparationMore than 1 lakh
C section Delivery cost1 to 2.5 lakh
Housing for surrogate motherMore than 3 lakh
Caretaker costMore than 1 lakh
Embryo transfer drug costMore than 30k
Surrogate mother’s post-pregnancy medicationMore than 40k

Table of cost of surrogacy in different areas of Uttar Pradesh

Surrogacy cost in different areas of Uttar PradeshSurrogacy costs in different areas of Uttar Pradesh
Surrogacy cost in Agra12  to 16 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Aligarh11 to 15 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Deoria12 to 15 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Ayodhya 14 to 15 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Amethi    More than 15 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Amroha  11 to 15 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Gautam Buddha Nagar13.65 to 17.78 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Azamgarh        11 to 15.98 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Ghaziabad12 to 17 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Gonda    More than 14 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Kanpur11 to 18 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Ballia       More than 12 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Lucknow14 to 18 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Barabanki        More than 12.54 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Bareilly   11 to 15 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Meerut14 to 17.52 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Bulandshahr11.67 to 17.82 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Chandauli        12.5 to 17.9 lakh
Surrogacy cost in Chitrakoot        11.4 to 16.43 lakh

What is the success rate of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh?

The success rate of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh ranges up to 80% and this success rate can increase to 95%. The success rate of surrogacy can come from many factors including the age of the individual, cause of infertility, medical facilities, expertise of doctors, previous medical history, and the type of embryo. All these elements have a vast influence on surrogacy success. Mentioned below table tells the success rate of surrogacy programs in Uttar Pradesh:

Surrogacy programThe success rate of the surrogacy
Surrogacy with self-eggs and sperm80 to 85%
Surrogacy with donor eggs and self-spermMore than 90%
Surrogacy with donor sperms and self-eggsMore than 80%
IVF/ICSI70 to 85%

Why choose Baby Grow Fertility Centre?

Welcome to a place, where wings are provided to the dreams of infertile couples. Here every individual will return home with a big smile on their face and it’s because of the efforts that we put in to give you a healthy baby. With the help of us, the individual can enjoy the life of being parents. We assisted several couples struggling with infertility and waited too long to make their dreams come true. We provide the perfect solution and treatment for any type of infertility.

Here’s why we are the best for surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh:

  • We are stuffed with all types of infertility treatments that include surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, IUI, PGD, PESA, TESA, egg donor, egg freezing, etc.
  • Our centre comes with highly experienced doctors and advanced technology.
  • Our centre has a high success rate and well-built infrastructure that ensures comfort and all facilities.
  • We offer complete care and unshakable support to infertile
  • Our centre offers online consultation and the prices are affordable.


In conclusion, surrogacy is a third-party reproduction method to achieve the child. The method is mostly used by individuals facing infertility problems. However, the method is not expensive but still, some individuals face difficulty in getting the treatment that’s why we offer the payments in the instalment method so that every individual with infertility can get the treatment. Moreover, if the individual is getting treatment in Uttar Pradesh then the cost will become lesser as the surrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh is low as compared to other states or cities of India. In Uttar Pradesh, the individual can get quality care with support and affordability.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What is the cost of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh?

The surrogacy cost in Uttar Pradesh is low in comparison to other countries. In UP, the individual can find the best surrogacy centre that offers low prices of surrogacy and makes the treatment affordable for everyone. In surrogacy cost, many elements play an important role. Some of the crucial elements include the location of the surrogacy clinic, doctors, success rate, infrastructure, egg donor, surrogate’s compensation, additional facilities, etc. so the cost of surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh is up to 11 lakh.

Is surrogacy 100% in Uttar Pradesh?

No one can guarantee 100% success for any treatment but surrogacy comes with guaranteed programs that offer a 99% success rate.

Which type of surrogacy is banned in Uttar Pradesh?

In Uttar Pradesh, traditional surrogacy and commercial surrogacy are banned due to the exploitation of surroagte mothers for just a business.

Which fertility centre is best for surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh?

Baby Grow Fertility Centre is best for surrogacy in Uttar Pradesh as the centre is committed to fulfilling the dream of parenthood of intended couples. This fertility centre is stuffed with all the facilities that help to enhance the success rate of surrogacy.

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